HIAG’s site development portfolio in Switzerland is vast with land reserves. Each site in the portfolio is transformed gradually and independently. It transitions its sites gradually and autonomously into new cycles of use, creating lively quarters or entire city districts with their own individual character. HIAG is thus able to make its site redevelopment investments profitable in the long term. The creation of new destinations generates intangible value, such as quality of our sites’ locations and their perceived attractiveness, which translate into an increase in property value and potential value creation for customers in the long term.

Market value of real estate properties
by type of use as at 30.06.2019

1 Industry, commercial 33.9%
2 Residential 11.4%
3 Retail 11.2%
4 Office 11.0%
5 Distribution, logistics 10.9%
6 Building land 10.6%
7 Residential and commercial 6.0%
8 Miscellaneous 5.0%

Market value of real estate properties
by canton as at 30.06.2019

A Aargau 24.9%
B Zurich 24.0%
C Geneva 14.7%
D Zug 8.2%
E Solothurn 7.6%
F Baselland 7.0%
G St. Gallen 5.5%
H Miscellaneous 8.1%


CHF bn. property portfolio


Years average remaining rental duration


CHF m. annualised property revenue